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Julien VIDAME designed this object on an architectural principle, its trapezoidal structure is light and undeformable. He worked the proportions and the line, this table is graphical and functionnal.

Powder-coated steel or 100% stainless steel

Height: 13.8 inch (35 cm) Length: 27.5 inch (70 cm) Width: 45.2 inch (115 cm)


Powder-coated stainless version in dull white or dull black, or in 100% stainless steel version.

All standard RAL colours are availables. The charge are 100 euros per colour, not depending of the quantity.

Size: 45,2 x 27,5 x 13,8 inch - 115 x 70 x 35 cm.

Whole weight: 803,77 oz - 22.8 kg.

The treatment of the stainless steel version let us to clear all accidental scratches.

With a scour-sponge like Scotch-brite, scrub slowly in the brushing way, the scratches will totaly disappear (except deep ones).

Plan of the coffee table