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Présentation Vidame Création

THE WARPING MIRRORS (flat but warping)

During a trip in South America, this designer went with a friend in a cafe, in the popular area San-Telmo in Buenos-Aires. They Were eating their eggs at the bar, when they laught for twenty minutes front of a so old mirror, that it was showing two laughing clowns. Back to France, he decided to remake that moment. Existing mirrors are made of glass, so very heavy and from a complex manufacture. They are generally body size, even if the expression is on the face. Therfore they are expensive, exclusive for fairs, absents in shops. This object has been made to reduce it at its function in a pure line, to be affordable by everybody. The manufacturing concept makes the object proper, and displays against the wall a thick stainless steel plate, reflecting as a flat glass mirror but warping, as polished by hand.

- Polished stainless steel

small: (inch)15,74x9,84x0,59  (cm)40x25x1,5       medium:(inch)39,4x17,7x0,8  (cm)100x45x2       large:(inch)78,8x17,7x0,8  (cm)200x45x2



This product is customizable, don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


1- Fix to the wall the provided screw 10cm above the eyeline.
2- Hang up the mirror.
3- For cleaning, use the provided special cleaning fabric, the best is a bit of F patrol, or acetone or window liquid.


Each box contains: - 1 mirror
                                    - 1 screw
                                    - 1 plug
                                    - 1 special cleaning fabric 

Box size: (inch) 17,32 x 12,79 x 1,77 - (mm) 440 x 325 x 45
Whole weight: 38,8 oz - 1,1 kg


The mirror is in polished stainless steel.

Plan of the warping mirror