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Présentation Vidame Création

THE DISTORTING MIRRORS (flat but distorting)

During a trip in South America, this designer went with a friend in a cafe, in the popular area San-Telmo in Buenos-Aires. They Were eating their eggs at the bar, when they laught for twenty minutes front of a so old mirror, that it was showing two laughing clowns. Back to France, he decided to remake that moment. Existing funhouse mirrors are made of glass, so very heavy and from a complex manufacture. Therefore they are expensive, exclusive for fairs, absents in shops. This object has been made to reduce it at its function in a pure line, to be affordable by everybody. The manufacturing concept makes the mirror proper, and displays against the wall a thick stainless steel plate, reflecting as a flat glass mirror but warping, as polished by hand.

- Polished stainless steel

small: (inch)15,74x9,84x0,59  (cm)40x25x1,5       medium:(inch)39,4x17,7x0,8  (cm)100x45x2       large:(inch)78,8x17,7x0,8  (cm)200x45x2



The funhouse mirror is customizable, don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation.


1- Fix to the wall the provided racks following the instructions plan
2- Hang up the mirror.
3- For cleaning, you can use the provided special cleaning fabric, with any window liquid.


Each box contains: - 1 mirror
                                    - 1 screw
                                    - 1 plug
                                    - 1 special cleaning fabric 

Box size: (inch) 17,32 x 12,79 x 1,77 - (mm) 440 x 325 x 45
Whole weights: 38,8 oz - 1,1 kg


The mirror is in polished stainless steel.

Plan of the warping mirror