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Démonstration de la lampe spirale


Is the electric wire a pressure? Asking himself about that, the designer decided to work on it. The intention beeing to focus on that part, this light is minimalist, and is only composed of a two metres twisted wire, a plug, a lampholder and a coloured silicon filter (one per light). Rolling up the wire around the bulb, the user shapes his light the way he wants it to be.

- White PVC twisted wire, plastic lampholder, PVC plug, provided bulb, silicon filter

- Rolled diametre: 5,91 inch - 15 cm


INSTRUCTIONS (sold with bulb, ready to use)

1 - Cover the bulb with its couloured silicon filter.
2 - Roll up the twisted wire around the bulb, until the wanted lenght.
3 - Fix two wires together with the plastic lace.


It's a white plastic bucket, it perfectly protects. Each light is delivered with an energy saving bulb, a coloured silicon filter and a wall fixing hanger.
Box size: (inch): 6,3 x 7,87 x 7,87 - (mm): 160 x 200 x 200
Whole wheight: 42,33 oz - 1,2 kg

Packaging of the twisted light


Light of 1st class in european norm (Universal plug CEE 7/16 Type C)
Provided energy saving bulb 12W  / E14 / 220V
Electric twisted wire, diametre 6,5 mm, length 2 m


- Don't use an incandescant bulb!
- Only use energy saving bulbs under 15W.
- Provided bulb
- Do not roll up the wire directly in contact of the bulb
   without the silicon filter.
- Do not stress the twisted wire too much, above all when
   it's hot, it would unshape it.
- All parts of this product respect the european community
- Do not dismount, in case of problem, contact us
- This product is made in FRANCE.
- This product must not be handled by a child under
   3 years old
- Light of 1st class for interior use only