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Présentation des étagères


Bookshelf, low table, bedside or small furniture. Range of shelves in powder-coated aluminium or olded varnish, also available customized, in all colours. The company VIDAME has built his own bending machine to get that shape because manufacturers could not. Waves are studied to receive objects, books,lights, above or inside, which offers a hiding game. They are much functional (strong) because there's a lot of space, and a flat surface to avoid objects to slide, as we can expect. Entirely pured, they bring out the impression of movement in a room. It's extremely simple, the putting up is made in 15min with its movable racks, become invisibles and peel off the wall 1cm this waved line.
The range is studied to be stacked, the bookshelf above the small one goes from the floor to a standard ceiling high. This product works well for interior designers who wish to fill a wall with a deep and forceful concept, and functional too.


- Powder coated aluminium - (inch) high: 53,15 width: 19,68 depth: 13,8 - (cm) high: 135 width: 50 depth: 35



You can customize your shelves in high, width (max 27,5 inch - 70 cm), depth and space between waves. We can also make them (with a charge*) in any standard RAL colour, in shiny or dull, " Download colors range ". Don't hesitate to call us for a quotation.
*100 euros charge per colour to pay once for any quantity.


Thickness: 0,08 inch - 1.5 mm
Whole weight: 247 oz - 7 kg
Whole high: 53,15 inch - 135 cm
Width: 19,68 inch - 50 cm
Depth of a wave: 13,8 inch - 35 cm
Depth of the horizontal flat surface: 7,87 inch - 20 cm (let put flat objects)
Wave high: 6,69 inch - 17 cm
High between 2 waves: 8,66 inch - 22 cm
High from the floor to the first horizontal: 7,87 inch - 20cm


Clean with the provided special cleaning fabric (or a soft one) with window liquid or soappy water.


15 min. The screws and fixing racks are provided.
1- Draw lines on the wall, following the scheme.
2- Screw the fixing racks
3- Hang up the shelves or the bedside.

Instructions for assembly the bookshelf